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You Can Attract It

Listen to my Interview with Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano
FitTalk featured two good friends of mine, Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones and Leading Natural Health Advocate, Frank Mangano to talk about their new Law of Attraction book, You Can Attract It
During the course of the interview, Frank and Steve were very candid and there was so much we talked about in depth which couldn’t be covered in this article.  After reading the highlights of my interview with them, I highly recommend you listen to the podcast by clicking on the You Can Attract It Interview  link above.
Steve and Frank teamed up to write what is becoming a best selling Law of Attraction book on called You Can Attract It.  There are many aspects to the Law of Attraction.  Mind and spirit are connected to the body and have a lot to do with your health.  When you look at what Steve, Frank and I do, we are all in the business of helping people improve their lives and well being, and, we are also Law of Attraction practitioners.  Once you come to understand how the Law of Attraction affects your life every day, you will understand how it will help improve your life and well being when you learn how to use it.
As an avid Law of Attraction student, I have read many books by some of the top Law of Attraction experts. Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano have put a new twist on this topic with their book, You Can Attract It. Both share their own personal story of how the Law of Attraction changed their lives and Steve’s background as a hypnotherapist provides great ways towards getting in touch with your subconscious mind to attract what you want.
The Law of Attraction and troubled times
I commented to Steve and Frank that the launch of their book is perfect timing being that we are coming towards the end of what has been a year of turmoil for so many people.  There are many people out there who may be experiencing stress, depression, anger, and uncertainty about their lives and about their future.  Most people don’t view these times as an opportunity to reinvent themselves.  It’s all about shifting your thoughts and your vibrational energy to attract what you want and that is what the Law of Attraction is all about.
People are wondering what the solution is to these troubled times.  According to Steve, the sol
ution is doing the opposite of what the media says.  Look inside yourself and find that positive part of yourself and share that with the world and make that your reality and keep the faith.
Frank stated that “it doesn’t have to be this way.  It is unfortunate that people have experienced turmoil in their lives whether it is financially, relationally or with health issues.”  Through the methods in their new book, You Can Attract It, people will learn what they can do to turn a negative situation into a positive.
Personal Stories
In Chapter One Steve and Frank share their personal stories. I really like how they open up and give the reader a glimpse into their life “before”.
Steve’s Story
Steve was in a marriage that ended.  Saddened by the demise of his marriage, he decided to wipe the slate clean and traveled across the country from Florida to Los Angeles with only a few hundred dollars and an old van.  Steve rebuilt is life in Beverly Hills and opened what became a successful hypnotherapy practice that attracted a who’s who of some of Hollywood’s top celebrities as clients.  As Steve put it, he built the business, attracted the clients and his career took off.  Steve’s life changed from being down and out, having little or no money and driving across the country in an old van to becoming the hypnotherapist to the stars.  Steve attracted all of this.  He believed in it and he made it happen.
Frank’s Story
Frank had a lot of low paying, dead end jobs and dreaded working for others.  What lead Frank to where he is today and self-publishing his first book is through a situation with his mother who was diagnosed with high cholesterol.  Frank did extensive research and created a program for his mother to follow that would naturally lower her cholesterol and avoid her being on prescription medicine.  Frank was inspired by the success he had helping his mother that he decided that if he can help his mother, he can help many more, thus, self-publishing his first book.
In the meantime, Frank continued working his dead end jobs, but knew his dream was to do research and write about natural health.  The one thing that stood in Frank’s way of realizing his dream was that he was surrounded by negative people who didn’t believe in his goals.
Frank realized that these negative influences were getting in his way and made the choice to distance himself from these people.  Once he did that, things started happening for him.
**Frank’s biggest piece of advice is that you must rid yourself of any negativity in your life because it will stand in your way and hold you back. **
What is The Law of Attraction
Everything in this world is energy.  We are energy and everything around us is energy. The Law of Attraction is very much about energy and getting into the same vibrational frequency as the things you want.  To some, this may sound a bit new agey and out there, but understanding this is a big part of learning how to make the Law of Attraction work for you.
I asked Frank to explain his definition of The Law of Attraction.  According to Frank, essentially, you attract what you think about most.  To make the Law of Attraction work more efficiently for you, you need to rid yourself of limiting and negative thoughts.
You Can Attract It provides you with the process, or plan of action, to help you attract what you want in your life.  Frank briefly outlined the 6 step process he and Steve provide you with in their book, You Can Attract It.
Step 1 – Change the Negative into a Positive
Step 2 – Know What You Do Not Want
Step 3 – Know What it is You Do Want
Step 4 – Ask For What You Want
Step 5 – Allow What You Want Into Your Life
Step 6 – Receive It, Enjoy It, Be Thankful For It, Surround Yourself With It
Steve had a different explanation of what the Law of Attraction is.  We are energy and the Law of Attraction is all about the energy or vibration we put out.  The vibrations we put out over and over again become a pattern, reinforcing the vibrations you put out to the Universe which is really at the heart of the Law of Attraction.
Steve’s analogy of the vibrations we put out are like waves or ripples; kind of like when you throw a pebble into a pond, you will see waves or ripples start to ripple out in a pond.  These ripples can be negative or positive thoughts.  The thing in the pond that resonates with those ripples will be attracted to it.
You can use this theory to your advantage and put out positive ripples attracting positive people, situations and creating a positive support group.
Initially, when you say the word abundance to someone, they instantly think of financial wealth as abundance, however, abundance is much more than that.  In this chapter, Steve provides an abundance script.  This is where Steve’s background as a hypnotherapist adds a twist to The Law of Attraction that I have not seen in other books on this topic.
Hypnotherapy comes into play to overcome your stumbling blocks that prevent your from attracting the things your really want.  Many of us create walls that prevent us from going through them.  As Steve put it, hypnotherapy helps you drive a tank through those walls so that you can attract the things you want that will add abundance to your life.
The human body truly is a temple and when mind, body and spirit are acting synergistically, you feel good and you are emitting positive emotions and vibrations to The Universe.  Good Health is vital when it comes to attracting the things you want.  When your health and fitness is not up to par, it affects you physically and emotionally and you are not in a positive vibration.  Going back towards changing your mindset from negative to positive, if you are always in a negative vibration, it does affect your health.
As a leading natural health advocate, Frank provides some very detailed information about health in this chapter.  During my interview about the Law of Attraction and Health, Frank talked about some of the recent scientific studies on brain imaging and they have discovered mirror neurons.  What this means is that humans mirror the behavior of the object or person they are observing.  This applies to the Law of Attraction.  If we hang around people who are active, healthy, like to exercise, that will have an affect on us.  Surrounding yourself with people who have healthy habits will rub off on you so to speak.
Steve provides a detailed “health script” to reprogram your mind for optimal health.  Many people want to improve their health, however, when it comes to taking the right action, they need to take that action and turn it into a healthy habit.  They will find that difficult to make excuses as to whey they didn’t eat as healthy and nutritiously as they should, or why they didn’t exercise, etc.  The mind and body need to be reminded of what to do and again, this is where Steve’s background as a hypnotherapist helps the reader.
**Frank emphasized that you need to take action.  This goes beyond just positive thinking**
So now we’re going to get to the part that everyone is interested in when it comes to the Law of Attraction.  How do I attract the money or as Tom Cruise was yelling into the phone in Jerry Maguire….”Show me The Money”.  Wealth is a whole other mindset.  I also think that people may not realize the negative inner conversation they have with themselves when it comes to wealth.  For instance, when you’re on the highway and you see someone driving an expensive car or you pass a nice house and you think to yourself “Must be Nice” with a sarcastic undertone, which is an example of having a negative inner conversation with yourself about Wealth and Wealthy people.
Steve spoke about Wealth and told me that the concept of wealth has become distasteful and to many it’s the haves and have not mindset.  This thought process stems from the connotation of limitations in the Universe.  People who focus on “lack of and not having” will always lack and not have.  Those who focus on opportunity will attract and create the people, places and events that will provide them with the opportunity to attract wealth.  Look for the possibilities and you will see that abundance around you.  The world is an abundant orchard and there are plenty of apples available for the picking.  If you don’t believe that, then you won’t see that you are standing in the middle of the apple orchard.
**Steve’s take away message – To achieve wealth you need to believe in yourself and will help you rise like a
Phoenix out of the ashes.**
Frank added to that by saying “Limiting beliefs will be the obstacle that will hinder your efforts towards using the Law of Attraction to attract what you want, including wealth.  True wealth is about having it all.”
Another topic I feel is important are the relationships you have with people and this is not just about romantic relationships.  It’s the friends you attract, the business associates you attract and yes, romantic relationships and relationships you have with loved ones.
According to Frank, attracting relationships is not about attracting a specific person, but a type of person.  You need to know what it is in detail, what type of person you are looking to attract not only in your romantic /personal relationships, but in your business relationships as well.  If you focus on the type of person you want to attract in detail, then you will attract that relationship.
Steve stated that you need to have a clear vision of what you want.  When it comes to relationships, all too often we focus on what we don’t want or what we don’t like.  The Universe will think that’s what you do want and will keep delivering what you don’t want to you.
Your relationships are a litmus test of what you attract.  To improve on an existing relationship, focus of the positive aspects of it rather than the negative.
I asked Frank and Steve what success means to them and how can someone use the Law of Attraction to attract more success in their lives.
For Frank, the meaning of true success means living an abundant life and it’s not only about the money, although it does play a role, but it’s only one piece of it.  Success to Frank does mean being financially independent, being physically and emotionally healthy, and having good relationships.  That’s the meaning of true success.
If someone is looking to attract true success into their life, they need to evaluate their life and write down exactly what area of their life they need to be more successful in and start working on that area of their life.  Focus your energy and attention of that, and take action to get to your goal.  Be specific with what you want to be successful with. Surround yourself people who have achieved the same goals you are looking to achieve.
For Steve, success means being able to help people at greater level.  In the beginning, Steve was only able to help a few people, but now the internet, TV, etc., he is able to help thousands of people with product promotions at a price people can afford.  Financial abundance is a by product of success.  The money is just a by product of being able to help people by providing a service to them. Being able to help as many people as possible.  It’s not about money, but it is a by product of having that ability.
Steve believed that he could be of service to a lot people and the he would be able to sustain himself from doing this.  Believing that you will be OK if you follow your heart and trust it, that is how you can use the Law of Attraction to create the life you want.
Your lifestyle has a lot to do with what you attract and no one knows this better than Frank Mangano.  If you’re not eating healthy foods, not exercising and possibly smoking, what kind of signal are you putting out to attract back to you?  If you aren’t eating properly, you’re sending the signal that you don’t want a healthy body.  If you’re not exercising, you’re sending out the signal that you don’t care about your body.

If you’re looking to improve your overall health, clean up your lifestyle.  By cleaning up your lifestyle, you are clearing the negative signals and you will attract better health.  Your lifestyle habits are going to play a tremendous role in the Law of Attraction process.  Health has everything to do with the Law of Attraction.
Hypnosis certainly does play a large role in getting the Law of Attraction to work for you.  Hypnosis talks to the subconscious mind.  It is the subconscious mind that creates all kinds of resistance, self sabotage and negative inner conversations that prevent you from attracting what you want.  Steve is certainly the master in the field of hypnotherapy and there is a chapter devoted to this.

We can hypnotize ourselves all day, every day.   When we talk to ourselves in a certain way, we hypnotize our selves.  Affirmations are vital.  If you have people around you saying “you can do it”, that’s an affirmation.  If you tell yourself “you can do it”, that’s an affirmation and that’s hypnosis.
A lot of hypnosis that happens to us, whether you believe in it or not, happens from ourselves, and our good friends believing in us or doubting our possibilities.  We need to be very aware of what programs us, even though we’re wide awake.
According to Steve, being under our own control can be a lot worse than being under the control of a hypnotherapist’s control.  We have thoughts in our minds that tell us we can’t do this or we don’t deserve this.
Steve teaches you how to program yourself in the book.  Steve’s take away message is that you hypnotize yourself every day and you surround yourself with people every day that have an influence on you and you have an influence on yourself.
Hypnosis is a very easy state to achieve.  All you have to do is relax yourself.  Close your eyes and relax yourself and tell yourself positive affirmations. Formal hypnotherapy can be more elaborate with induction, a deepening, a script – the affirmations/positive programming – however, with a hypnotherapy session, you’re dealing with the subconscious mind, and the affirmations take effect within a shorter period of time.  Then there is the “amnesia technique” which is designed for you to forget everything that’s in your mind.  The reason for the amnesia technique is that people will second guess themselves.  For example, their mind will tell them, “I know the hypnotherapist told me I’m great, but so and so said I wasn’t so I think the hypnotherapist may be wrong”.  The amnesia technique bypasses that critical factor that undoes everything.
The end of the hypnotherapy session is called Transtermination where the hypnotherapist brings you out of hypnosis.
Steve’s takeaway message ** We can hypnotize ourselves in our daily lives, so be sure to surround yourself with positive people, positive things, positive suggestions, so that we can have hypnosis work for us in a positive rather than negative way.**
There is so much more material in You Can Attract it which also goes into more detail than was covered in the interview.

For more information about Steve G. Jones, you can visit his website :

For more information about Frank Mangano, you can visit his website

Click the image below to order your copy of You Can Attract It.

You Can Attract It

(note: the links posted on this page are sponsored links, however, I do stand by my recommendations.)

A healthy, physical body is also important when using the Law of Attraction as the mind is connected to the body. Frank’s background in Natural Health teaches you how your Health plays a big role in attracting what you want, and how you can attract optimal health.

The Law of Attraction is based on science. Steve and Frank go over the science as to how the Law of Attraction works.

If you are a Law of Attraction enthusiast or new to this topic, You Can Attract It is a must read.

Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano

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