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Who IS Shari Fitness?

I have been interviewed countless times on several different podcast shows.  It wasn’t until I was interviewed by Andre “Brick” St. Clair and Brian Cannone on The Body Shop Radio Show on FTNS Fitness Radio that the essence of who Shari Fitness is really came out.

This was perhaps THE BEST and MOST REVEALING  interview I’ve ever done.  Why?  Because these guys dug deep and really did their research on me.  Because of the research they did on me, they asked really great questions.   Questions I’ve never been asked. 

Let me put it to you this way, those who are in my inner circle of close friends will probably learn things about me they never knew after they listen to this interview.

I also have to say that my responses to the questions Bricks and Brian asked me are no hold barred.  There was no “candy coating”….. not that I’m never not honest and transparent, but let’s just say I had no filter. 

I cannot believe how much I revealed not only about myself, who my biggest influencers are in the world of fitness and business, my best health and fitness tips and tricks (Bricks called me the “47 Year Old Sensation”) all the way to some incredible nuggets of information on e-mail marketing, internet marketing and how to effectively use social media to create and build your brand. 

As I listened back to the replay of this interview, I realized that it also serves as a great introduction to my upcoming e-book, “Transformation Over 40”.  What Bricks and Brian did was take you from the person I was “before” I became Shari Fitness, through my transition into being Shari Fitness all the way to the person I am now ….. a fitness professional, a role model, a business woman, and an internet entrepreneur.

You’ll definitely find this interview to be fun to listen to, and chock full of information so you’ll definitely want to pay close attending and take notes.

Enjoy the interview.  Would love to hear your thought and comments on it 🙂

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