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Weight Loss Paradigm Shift

Q&A with ShariFitness

Question: How do you simplify things for someone to make the paradigm shifts they need to make towards improving their health and fitness?

Making a paradigm shift is a mental process.  Improving ones health and fitness is very much a conscious as well as sub-conscious process which is why I am a proponent of self-improvement programs.  Self-improvement programs teach you to visualize what you want, and how to reframe your thought process from should do’s to can do; have to into a want to.

People tend to over-complicate things and they begin to feel overwhelmed.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you tend to resist taking action towards achieving your goal.

The health and fitness industry puts out a lot of information and a lot of misinformation that can be confusing and overwhelming.

The best place to start is with what I call a “Fitness Game Plan”.  When it comes to your health and fitness, you need to have a strategy.  You need to have a “fitness game plan”.  Without a game plan, you’re lost, confused, over whelmed and spinning your wheels which can be very de-motivating.

Make a list of what your goals are.  With each goal you have, come up with a plan of action to achieve each specific goal.  Focus on one goal at a time so you’re not overwhelmed and that you are creating a habit, thereby, creating a paradigm shift consciously as well as subconsciously.

For example, this week I’m going to do “X” and focus on that 1 thing.  If being consistent about your workouts is a goal, than focus and plan on going to the gym 3 times a week and working out a minimum of 30 minutes during each session.  Don’t worry about your other goals that week.  Just focus on that 1 goal so that you’ve actually achieved your goal and don’t feel over whelmed.

The next week, continue doing goal “x” (i.e., the workouts) and start a new goal.  Decide what goal “y” is going to be and focus on that goal for the week while continuing with goal “x” to continue make that a habit.  Goal “x” could be something diet related.  If you happen to be a soda drinker (diet or other wise), try cutting back from having a soda with lunch and dinner to having a soda with only dinner or only lunch.  Keep it simple.

Continue on with this pattern and you’ll discover that you’ve created habits over time which help you get closer to your goal without feeling confused and over whelmed.

As you accomplish each goal, you’ll stay motivated and you’ll have the paradigm shift from how can I to I can.

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