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Weight Loss Insanity

Weight Loss InsanityI’ve got to admit I love Facebook.  I get most of my inspiration and ideas simply from going through my Facebook news feed.  

While my inspiration comes from my peers in the industry with some of their witty updates, informative updates and motivational imaFeeling disgusted with yourself?ges of beautiful, lean, strong, healthy bodies, I get a lot of ideas from reading comments and posts from those who want to lose weight and think they’ll magically get “head turning weight loss” results from juicing, doing starvation diets or walking.  

While doing these things is and can be beneficial, do you honestly believe that doing those things alone, sporadically, when you “feel fat” and disgusted with yourself is going to get you “head turning weight loss results”?

You and I both know that isn’t the case so why do you continue going down the weight loss insanity rabbit hole?

I’m about to piss some of you off and I really don’t care
Before you read any further I’m giving you a heads up that a lot of what I’m about to say is going to be the cold, hard, truth that most of you know deep down, don’t want to hear and want to continue to be in denial about the reality of what it takes to get “head turning weight loss results” and keep it off.  In fact, I know I’m going to be pissing a lot of you off but I really don’t care.  

And If I do piss you off, it’s because you probably feel like I’m calling you out.

I’ve just kind of reached a point where I’m not going to candy coat the cold hard reality that many of you seem to want to pretend doesn’t exist.  So here goes…..

Yes, you are insane!!!
I know you’ve heard this before, but according to Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

To be quite honest, I really do think that when it comes to weight loss, many of you are insane and have completely lost your minds.  It just amazes me how informed, educated people can be so completely in denial with reality when it comes to weight loss and how you envision your end result to look like.  It’s not like you don’t know what it takes…. but when I see some of the things you share out there on social media, I basically have to shake my head and bite my tongue. 

You know how you keep hearing that it’s not your fault you can’t lose weight?  Well, I’m about to give you a big dose of reality that I know you don’t want to hear and will probably piss you off, and quite frankly… I really don’t care. 

It IS your fault. 

Short term ain’t gonna cut it
First of all, one of the reasons why you fail time and time again with every attempt you make to lose weight is because your goal or intention is very short term.  Not only that, but you when you talk about wanting to lose weight, you never seem to have a goal that makes you accountable.  Just saying you want to lose weight is not enough.  You need to be specific.  I want to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks and this is how I’m going to go about doing it.

You can’t think of losing weight as a short term goal for an event. While wanting to look great for your High School Reunion can be a great motivator, your thinking is very short term and very short sighted.

That mindset is all wrong.  And…. if you were to achieve your weight loss goals in the 2 months prior to your High School Reunion, what happens after that event?  Chances are you stop doing what you were doing and go back to your old habits and gain back all the weight you lost and then some.

Again, come up with a specific goal and plan.  My High School Reunion is 8 weeks away and I want to lose 15 pounds in time for my reunion.  After my High School Reunion I am going to continue with a fat loss program by doing XX.

If you REALLY want to lose the weight and not gain back the weight you lost, then you need to get your mind set that fitness is not an event….It’s a LIFESTYLE!  Until that sinks in, you’re going to continue spinning your wheels going down the weight loss insanity rabbit hole.

I’m a juicer
While juicing is great for your health, doing it for a few days here and there isn’t going to do much to improve your health or get you “head turning weight loss results”.  Kind of sort of, kind of sort of gets you kind of sort of results.

Juicing is a great way to “supplement” your diet and having 1 – 2 juices per day over the long term will do wonders to improve your health.

Why are you starving yourself???
And starving yourself isn’t going to get you there either.  Starvation diets are unsustainable, and they make you cranky and irritable.  After a few days you end up gorging on pizza or whatever your favorite go to junk meal is.

Out Of ShapeHere’s one of my favorites….
I love people who don’t exercise on a regular basis, have no clue what to do, have no plan or program, and will go gung ho for about 2 weeks and then fall off the wagon.  Want to know why you can’t stick to working out and why you don’t enjoy working out? 

Because you don’t know what you’re doing and so you keep doing the same select few exercises you do know how to do every time you go to the gym and while you are doing the same boring exercises over and over again, chances are you’re sleep walking your way through them and have no clue as to how to challenge yourself with the few exercises you do know how to do. 


If you don’t want to work with a fitness professional or coach to help you put together a program and show you how to exercise with proper form and technique, at least purchase an on line program.  There’s such a wide variety of exercise programs to suit your needs that you can purchase on line from some of the best fitness professionals in the industry. 

Some of these programs come with how to instructional videos and follow along workout sheets that you can take to the gym with you.

If you were to really follow a program from start to finish, you might discover you actually enjoyed working out and you may find yourself to be more motivated and get “head turning weight loss results”.

When you’re ready to get real and stop the insanity of weight loss….

First things first.  When you focus on your health and treating your body like the precious temple it is and stop thinking short term, you will feel better, have more energy and will look better.  Maintaining one’s health is something you do each and every day of your life… like taking a shower and brushing your teeth.

And you can’t think of yourself as being “bad” or “good” when it comes to your “diet”.  It’s all about consistently eating nutrient-rich foods you know contribute to your health and not all the processed crap you know is going to make you look like crap and feel like crap and not starving yourself.

Secondly…. STOP starving yourself.  Starvation diets don’t work. They work against you and will fail you time and time again. Simply put, get your butt in the gym and work the fat off and that means working out to where you are giving it your all, REALLY pushing yourself and not just going through the motions and saying “I worked out”.

You have got to work out to where you’re working your muscles, you’re breathing hard, and sweat is pouring down you.  Real training is what’s going to get you real results.

I’m sure what I’m saying is pissing off a lot of you, but you either need to you stop kidding yourself and actually do what you KNOW is the reality of getting “head turning weight loss results”, or just shut up and stop talking about wanting to lose weight or complaining that you’re fat. 

So when you have that moment of motivation to eat better and exercise,
remember this….

Motivation may get you started, but it’s habit that keeps you going.

And that my friends is the cold, hard, truth.

If you’re ready to take action, start doing and get results, click here now



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