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This is the biggest joke in the fitness industry

Want to know what the biggest joke in the fitness industry is???

 It’s the New Year’s Resolution folks. You know who they are.  They’re the ones that use late November until early January to get extra fat because it’s the holidays and there is nothing that they can do to prevent them from putting on weight because
……. it’s the “holiday season”. 

It’s impossible not to put on at least 5-10 pounds during the holidays because of the parties, the cookies, the alcohol, etc

….. if you allow yourself to

Heaven forbid people with this mindset were to actually workout, eat relatively clean and use some common sense over the holidays. 

They don’t live this way because they have to, they live this way because they choose to. 

There is absolutely nothing that they can do to prevent this weight gain so they eat, drink and start packing on the fat with the intentions of losing all the fat and losing even more fat once the magical New Year gets here and suddenly “poof”….

……all that weight you gained magically disappears!  LOL!

I’ll never understand why New Years is some special time where people become focused on losing weight, getting in better shape, stopping bad habits and staring new good habits.

………But you don’t have to

Why wait until January 1st to start when you can start any day of the year?  
You can get started right now with my Transformation Weight Loss and Workout Program
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We’re given the gift of free will to basically do whatever we want whenever we want so why wait to get in better shape when you can do it now?  


I know you don’t want to be one of those “New Year’s Resolution” people. I know you’re better than that.  I know your health and fitness is important
to you and I’m here to help you.
I know you’re ready to LOSE 5-10 pounds between now and New Year’s and be the envy of your friends and family while they’ve all gain 5-10 pounds.

Let’s make it happen!! 

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