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The Power of Positive Fitness

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Discover the Power of Positive Fitness
Fit Talk with Shari Fitness and John Rowley

Click here to hear my interview with John Rowley  —>  The Power of Positive Fitness

The Power of Positive Fitness will not only help you become a more fit and healthy person in body, but will also make you fit in mind and spirit.

To sum it up on John’s words, “God created us as body, mind and spirit. Our mind and spirit are housed in our body. When your body goes weak, your mind and spirit will surely follow”.

John shared with me not only some of his personal stories that are riveting and inspiring, but the stories of some of our mutual friends who happen to be the most successful people in health, fitness and business and how being fit in mind, body and spirit has brought about success in their lives not just financially, but physically, relationally, mentally and spiritually which is what living an abundant life is all about.

What is The Power of Positive Fitness?
The Power of Positive Fitness
is more than just about focusing on physical fitness.  Positive Fitness is about being able to function in all areas of your life.  It’s all about being able to produce and contribute to society. 

It’s not just about looking good in the mirror, but being strong in mind and spirit as well as the body.  Often times, we become too focused on one aspect of our lives and the other components fall apart.  For instance, you have people who are very spiritual, but their bodies are weak and their health is poor.  Or people who are successful in business but their relationships are in shambles along with their health and fitness. 

The story behind the book
A few years ago, John attended The Arnold Expo in Columbus, OH after being away from the bodybuilding scene for 10 years.  Although John had many friends in the bodybuilding and fitness industry he hadn’t seen in a while, as he was walking through the Expo, none of his friends recognized him. 

From a distance, he heard someone yelling “Hey Johnny, how ya doin’?” as he came running to greet John.  John was curious how this friend of his recognized him when none of his other friends did.  His friend replied, “How can they see you when they are so busy looking at themselves in the mirror”.   

It was then that John realized that his “friends” were more into their appearance, what they saw in the mirror, that they didn’t notice what was happening around them.  While many of his friends were champions, they were having a hard time with their relationships, finances or both.

A few years prior to attending The Arnold Classic, John had been on two spiritual retreats with his spiritual mentors building houses for orphans.  The days were long and the work was hard, physical and laborious.  After a few days it seemed everyone was at each other’s throats because they were so physically exhausted.  As soon as their bodies got tired, everything else went out the window.

John realized that our mind and spirit are housed in our body.  When your body gets weak, your mind and spirit will follow. 

You need to be physically strong, mentally aware, and spiritually awake.  This is the balance.  This is being positively fit.

The Power of Why
John is a great story teller and I asked him to talk about a topic he brings up in his book – The Power of WHY.  John explained it this way:

If your ladder to success is leaning against the wrong wall, regardless of how successful you’ve become climbing that ladder, when you reach the top, you’re going to feel completely wasted, exhausted and unhappy.

If you are setting goals based on what others think you should do or what society tells you to do, you will be unfulfilled and unhappy even if you reach those goals.   The key to happiness and success is to find out what your purpose is.  What your WHY is.  Your purpose is what gets you up early in the morning, keeps you up late at night and keeps you juiced all day long working at it. 

When you find your WHY, the what and how will take care of itself.

Positive Fitness Interviews
The Positive Fitness Interviews showcases how others are living their lives positively fit.  The power is not so much the what, but the how. 

In the Positive Fitness Interviews teaches you “how” others are doing it and implement it in your life.  The Positive Fitness interviews features some of the most successful and influential people who are in fitness, business and having success in their personal lives.

You will learn from people like Shawn Phillips, Mitch Gaylord, Tom Venuto, Kristi Frank, to name a few and many others.

The one take away from these interviews is that all of the successful people John interviewed do simple things on a consistent basis, and that’s what makes them successful.  Throughout each interview, there is a common thread of consistency and a common thread of simplicity.

Being your best in your 50’s
John is 51 and looks more like he’s 41.  I asked John what he does to be his best now that he’s in his 50’s and beyond. 

The first thing John said is that he is controlling his carbs, taking a good quality fish oil supplement, and eating good clean protein, but has found that he has had to cut back on his carbs as he gets older.

As for his fitness regimen, moderation is the key.  He’s not lifting as heavy as used to so as not to stress out his joints.

Take away message ….. the golden nugget
I asked John what is the 1 take away message he wants to make sure people get.  John summed it up on 1 word.  Consistency.  If you do something consistently, you will be successful.  Eating right, exercising, focusing on your goals.  Consistency day in, day out.  It’s what you do all that time that creates a successful life.

I couldn’t agree with him more!!!

Check out John’s Book The Power of Positive Fitness

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