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The Best Workout Program

James Villepigue is one of the top Fitness Professionals in the country.  I had the pleasure of having him as a guest on my Fit Talk Show and during my conversation with James, he said something which really stuck with me.

James said, “the best workout program is the one you’re not following”.  Think about that.  There are so many great workout programs you can buy, but if you’re not following the program, what good is it?

James has co-authored several of the top selling fitness books on the market and I can tell you from having read his books and following his programs, I’ve learned from him and have gotten great results.  There are several other programs I’ve tried from other Fitness Professionals I enjoyed and have gotten great results from.

All these workout programs are great and I reaped the benefits of them because I followed them to the letter.  I didn’t take short cuts when following the workouts or the diets.

Going back to what James said, “the best workout program is the one you’re not following.”  You can have a great workout program, but if you’re not following it, it’s not going to do you any good.

One of the reasons why some people don’t get the results they want from a workout program is because they don’t follow it to the letter.  They make their own modifications to the program or are not being consistent with the workouts and or the diet.  If you do have a workout program you purchased and not getting optimal results, be honest with yourself.  Are you following the program the way you should?  Have you made the recommended adjustments to your diet?  Are you completing the workouts and are you doing them consistently.

If you have a workout program you’ve purchased, if you follow it, it will be the best workout program! 😀

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