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The best habit for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, your habits play a leading role.  Sure there are several habits you need to incorporate when it comes to losing weight, however, in my opinion, this one habit is the key to not only my weight loss success, but my ability to keep the weight off.

# 1 Best Habit for Weight Loss

The best habit for weight loss is to be pro-active about your diet.

Simply put, you need to be proactive about your nutrition, and most people don’t know how to go about doing that. So what does it mean to be bro-active about your diet?  Being pro-active about your diet basically means having all your meals for the week already planned and prepped. When you learn how to do that, the rest just falls into place.

Plan Ahead
I have a ritual I go through every week, which I have down to a science. I go to the supermarket and buy enough boneless, skinless chicken breasts, fish, lean cuts of beef, nuts, seeds, fresh raw vegetables and fruits to last me a week. Every Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I pre-cook all my meals for the week.

This “ritual” takes me approximately 90 minutes and saves me countless hours of valuable time during the week if were to try to shop, prepare, cook and clean up after each meal.

Once all the foods are cooked, it’s easy to plan out your meals on a daily basis. My meals are stored in plastic containers. If I know I’m going to be running around a lot during the day, I will carry a small, nylon cooler packed with nutritious foods so that I won’t have to rely on unhealthy grab and go take-out food. All I need to do is pull out six meals and place them in the cooler.  

If you work out of an office, or if your job requires you do a lot of driving, you will find that pre-packing healthy meals in a small, nylon cooler is not only convenient, but will help keep you in control of the foods you eat.

I have lived the corporate eight-to-five life, and as a fitness professional, I now have five to ten minutes between clients, yet within that short break, I am able to eat. It can be done. With your meals already pre-cooked, all you need to do is put your plate in the microwave for one minute to heat up your food and eat a delicious, nutritious meal.

How you benefit from this habit

1. You have more control over the foods you eat and how they are prepared.
When you have more control over the foods you eat and how they are prepared, you will be consuming less calories which contribute to your fat loss, weight loss and health goals. 

2. You save countless hours in valuable time.
This means you’ll be spending less time in the supermarket shopping, less time preparing meals, less time cooking meals, less time cleaning up after each meal leaving you with more time to workout, be active and enjoy time with family and friends.

3. You save lots of money. 
When I first started eating this way, I realized that not only was I more in control over the foods I eat, but I was spending less money on unhealthy lunches in restaurants and sandwich shops, spending less money on unhealthy vending machine snacks, and spending less money on quick, unhealthy dinners in some of the popular chain restaurants. 

To learn more about how to be pro-active about your diet and get my recipes, time saving tricks and tips and much more, simply download your copy of my 12 week Fat Loss Program  —-> TransformationOver40


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  2. By Janice- The Fitness Cheerleader | Reply

    My hubby would say I’m very good at this – I’m always asking about what snacks, lunches and dinners we’ll be having while we’re still eating breakfast. It totally drives him nuts bc he’s not a planner. It works though – I’m healthier than him.

  3. By Tom | Reply

    I have noticed when I do like you suggest with smaller meals but more of them or at least an afternoon snack I feel much better and I am not gaining any weight back doing so either. Thanks for the great article.

  4. By Susan Greene | Reply

    Excellent advice, Shari. I am just now starting to be more proactive in my meals and snacks.

    I’m not quite ready to plan out for a full week as you do, but I no longer wait until I’m hungry to decide what to eat. Will keep your excellent tips in mind!

  5. By sharifitness | Reply

    Hi Susan
    So glad to hear you enjoyed this article and found it to be helpful. If I can be of help to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

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