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Take Control of Your Health

Take control of your health before it takes control of you.

That’s a very powerful statement.  More often than not, I hear of people whose health (or lack thereof) has taken control of their lives.  Don’t let this be you.

Invest in yourself, invest in your health
For years, I have been approached by people inquiring about my services.  People who know their health and fitness isn’t up to par and want to improve it. The most common thing I hear people tell me is that they can’t afford to work with a Fitness Professional, or eating healthy is too expensive and inconvenient.

Think about all the money you spend on things that don’t contribute to your health and fitness.  No matter how strapped for cash you are, somehow you always seem to come up with money to pay for the things that matter to you most.  Tony Robbins said it best in this quote, “it’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness”.

Your health really is your business
Three years ago, I was approached by someone who was interested in my services.  This person runs a family owned and operated business.  This person was overweight and knew he needed to lose weight and improve his health.  When I discussed my fees, (which by the way are in line with everyone else in the industry), I got the typical response.  Oh, I can’t afford it.  I’ll do it on my own.

Fast forward three years later and it turns out that this person has unfortunately suffered life threating heart complications and almost died.  With the family tending to this person’s recovery, there’s no one operating the business and therefore, not generating income.

Fortunately, the local business community has banded together to raise funds to help this person and family.

When I had heard about this, I couldn’t help but wonder had this person taken control of his health three years ago, if not with my help, but with the help of another professional, could this tragedy have been avoided?

I know many entrepreneurs and small business owners who don’t make their health and fitness their top priority and yes, I understand how easy it is to put yourself last and your business first.  However, when you do this, the consequences can be catastrophic for you and your family.

This also applies to those who aren’t business owners.

Are you really living life or is life passing you by?
All too often you hear people complain how tired they are and how they don’t have enough energy.   All too often, they’re too tired and tend to turn down social invitations, or don’t fully enjoy social gatherings simply because they’re too tired.

Poor health can slow you down and rob you of your energy.  It can also affect the quality of your sleep.  If you’re tired all the time, and lack energy, are you living life or is life passing you by?  Are you sleepwalking your way through life and missing out on memorable moments?

How is your energy, or lack thereof affecting the decisions you make personally and professionally?  How awake, alert and alive are not only feeling, but being?

How different would your life be if you weren’t tired all the time?

Are you ready to take control?
It’s never too late and you’re never too old to take control of your health.

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