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My fitness revelation

Shari Fitness

So I had a realization about myself and where I am right now after I finished one of my workouts, but before I share the revelation…. my “a ha” moment, I want to take you into my world when I’m in the gym doing my thing.

Throughout my workout, I have my ear buds plugged in, lost in my music, rockin’ out in my head,  and completely absorbed and focused on my workout. Not a care, a worry in the world. Nothing to think about. Just me, the iron and my music.  It’s my “meditation in motion”.

I watch myself in the mirror taking notice of the strength and power I have as I perform a set of DB clean and snatches making me feel empowered and invincible.   I feel my heart beating as I perform my body weight exercises, and feel the sweat start to pour down the back of my neck and down the front of my chest. I’m aware that I’m breathing heavy and out of breath, even though I can’t hear myself through my head phones.

As I continue on through my workout, watching myself in the mirror, sweaty, no makeup, I realize my beauty in the raw, and my sexuality. My beauty being my strength, my power, my sense of confidence in my abilities. That’s what’s sexy. It’s the REAL me… raw and powerful and strong. I own that. No one did that for me.  I didn’t do it for anyone, or what my industry expects from me… I did it for me.  That’s the way it has been, and that’s the way it will always be.

Wholly crap!  And then it hit me..
And then it hit me. My realization.  Wholly crap.. I’m almost 50!  But as I think of the fact that I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday in 2014, I’m not thinking of it in terms of dread and despair.  I think about it with pride.

As I approach the age of 50, I have more strength and power than I’ve ever had. I’m doing exercises and lifts I wasn’t doing in my 20’s, 30’s or even in my early 40’s. As I watch the only other 2 people in the gym, both guys much younger than me, I am aware that I am working out with more power and intensity than they are. Society dictates that it should be the other way around.  After all, I’m an almost 50 year old female. These guys should be doing what I’m doing and totally killing their workout.  But like most people I observe, even those way younger than me of the opposite sex, it’s like they’re sleepwalking their way through their workouts… kind of makes you wonder if they sleepwalk their way through life. 

As the realization that I’m approaching the age of 50, so too, comes the realization that I have more energy than I did in my 20’s and 30’s and evenShari Fitness Rockin my wardrobe my early 40s. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. And…. I look the best I’ve ever looked in my life. Vibrant, healthy, strong, powerful, confident and yes, more attractive. I know I look much younger than my years and that  I’m defying the aging process…. naturally. Not with pills and lotions and cosmetic surgery.  But by treating my body, my being, like the precious temple it is.  Working out, consistently over the years.  Consistently eating foods over the years that contribute to my health and fitness that nourish my body.   I can tell you over the years I’ve never once counted how many calories I consume.  Never weighed or measured my food.  Even when I competed I didn’t count calories, weigh or measure my food. 

I don’t stress over what I ate or didn’t eat simply because in the long run, I always knew that as long as I focused on health, and doing all the things naturally and holistically that keep a body strong and healthy, the rest will fall into place. 

My other realization – what fitness means to me
I also had a realization about how I approach fitness and my workouts. It’s not only about building a better body although that does come with the territory. It about the challenge, how hard I can push myself and giving it my all, enjoying it and having fun with it. It’s about being present with myself and allowing mind and body to become one. It’s not about obsessing about how my abs are looking or whether or not I’m happy or not happy with them. In the scheme of things, it really is insignificant.

It’s more about a sense of pride and accomplishment after a good, hard, workout and how much better you feel afterwards…. how clear your head is and that wonderful post workout endorphin high.

I’ve also realized that through the years, the gym has helped me be as Elliott Hulse would say, a stronger version of myself and not just a stronger physical self.

Yes, I’m almost 50 and I’m kicking ass and rockin’ everything out harder than ever and loving it, looking better than ever, feeling better than ever, and continuing to be …. a stronger version of myself as I continue to grow and evolve physically, mentally and spiritually into a new decade of me.

My advice to you
My advice to all of you….. Get out there and kick ass and rock everything you do ‘cuz if you don’t, something or someone will end up kicking your ass, and that would suck.

Challenge yourself. Challenge yourself physically and become a stronger version of you. Don’t let age be an excuse because you and I know that’s a bunch of bullshit. Don’t let family, kids, friends your job be an excuse, because in the end, your excuses will be your would’ves, could’ves, should’ves  that will make you miserable and you’ll end up with nothing but regrets.

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 Keep kicking ass, training hard and rockin’ hard

 Shari Fitness

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