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MI40 Workout Program Review

Who says muscle mass programs are just for guys?

Who says a muscle mass program isn’t going to give you a lean, sexy, shapely body?

Who says you can’t build muscle if you’re over 40?

After having had the opportunity to Beta Test the MI40 Workout Program,  I’m here to tell you that not only is the MI40 Program great for guys, but it’s great for women too regardless of your age.

As a fitness professional and fitness blogger, I try out and review all the latest workout programs and I know which ones are hype and which ones are the real deal.

Hands down, I give Ben Pakulski’s (aka B-Pak) MI40 Mass Building Program two thumbs up!!! I loved all the workouts in the program, loved how Ben’s use of NOS training really challenged me and helped take my body to the next level. 

In just a few short weeks, using Ben’s MI40 program, I gained 5 lbs of lean, sexy, shapely, metabolic, fat burning muscle which helped me re-shape my body.  I’m very happy with the results I got from this program and I know you will too! 

Click here to check it out —-> MI40 Program

What IS the MI40 Program?

First, MI stands for MASS INTENTIONS and INTENTIONS is Ben’s trademark technique that addresses the problem of not being able to go heavier and heavier with your weights unless you wish to carry more risk than reward.

Going heavier isn’t your best option, especially after a few years of lifting, if you want to stimulate muscle growth and you most look to other solutions. With INTENTIONS you change the angle of pushing or pulling by means of a technique almost imperceptible to an observer. You push inward or pull outward with your hands or feet as you perform an exercise.

In the MI40 DVD, Ben teaches you how to apply INTENTIONS to virtually every exercise, not an easy task if you’re untrained in biomechanics and kinesiology (Ben holds a degree from the University of Western Ontario in Kinesiology).

Over the years, I’ve often played around with grip widths and experiment with pushing and pulling angles, but with intentions you introduce a variable that can awaken dormant muscle fibers and stimulate them in fresh, new ways. Ben has used intentions to get more out of exercises like leg presses, squats, barbell rows, bench presses and overhead presses—really anything that has you pushing or pulling both limbs at once.

MI40 – What’s up with the number 40????

40 days!

40 second sets!

40 second rest periods

40 minute workouts!

40 exercises!

40 foods!

40 day meal plans!

NOS – What is it?
I’ll let Ben explain what NOS is.

For years, I had been searching for the best way to overload my muscles each and every time I go in the gym. I know you can relate to those days when you worked “hard” but still feel like you could have done more. Leaving the gym feeling like there was more in the tank or maybe getting home and regretting not pushing harder?! I CRAVED something that would ensure that my muscles are taken to their limit, and CREATE NEW GROWTH!

This is when I discovered NOS!

My training partner and I had been coming up with creative ways to inflict pain on each other during leg workouts for years. I remember daydreaming of ways to make workouts harder. My goal was to leave the gym knowing I had BLASTED every last muscle fiber, and to have my training partner talking about how he had never experienced muscle pumps and growth like this.

“Straight sets” just didn’t seem to do the trick anymore. Ya sure I felt a decent pump, but it just didn’t seem to be the type of intensity that I KNEW I needed to grow!

FACT: A “straight set” will NEVER cause the type of neurological adaptation, hormonal response, and thereby GROWTH that a NOS set will.


Being a research junky I had always read about overloading the muscle and overloading the nervous system to stimulate new muscle and strength gains respectively. Time under tension was proven to be the number one factor correlated with muscle growth and overload!

Something clicked in my brain! Time under MAXIMAL TENSION! This had to be better than just time under tension!! And so, my GROWTH BABY was born!

If I could use the maximum amount of weight I could handle for strict form for the greatest amount of time possible, growth was inevitable! The only catch is, that ITS HARD!

NOS is something that I have been using religiously ever since. Perfecting its components. I use it to get ready for my contests and in my offseason. Straight sets are now a thing of the past.

The science behind NOS: Neurological Overload Set.

The NOS system has been specifically designed to ensure a maximal MUSCLE OVERLOAD! The greatest number of muscle fibers are broken down or exhausted. Taking your muscles to such an exhausted state also causes the highest possible release amount of growth hormones and growth factors within a working muscle! Without these, you can train all day and eat a perfect diet and expect ZERO growth. This is one of the main reasons why so many people train often, train “hard” and see minimal results. They never reach that “overload-anabolic state.”

Check out the MI40 Program!  <— You’ll love it as much as I did!!

* Disclosure: If you happen to purchase anything I recommend in this or any of my communications, it’s likely I’ll receive some kind of affiliate compensation. Still, I only recommend stuff that I truly love, use and happily share with friends and family. If you ever have an issue with anything I recommend please let me know. I always have your back, and your growth and happiness in mind. – Shari 

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