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Meditation in Motion

This is my therapy

Physical fitness is part of living a healthy lifestyle.  But what about your mental fitness? How do you STOP the world, quiet your mind and have those moments of inner peace?

We’re all being pulled in so many directions throughout the course of the day and our minds are in a constant race.  That constant racing of your mind can lead to not just a stressful day, but a state of constant and chronic stress which can cause health problems.

As part of your mental fitness, you need to quiet your mind and STOP the world.

What quiets your mind?

What quiets your mind and gives you moments of inner peace? Perhaps it’s a hobby or some form of entertainment.  Whatever it is for you, think of it as a form of meditation.

For me, there are 3 things that quiet my mind and help me forget about the world.
Lifting weights
Listening to music

While I can’t combine all 3 at the same time, what has become my daily form of meditation is combining my love for music and fitness.  When I’m in the gym with my earbuds plugged in lost in my music and letting it push me through every set and rep of every exercise, nothing else in the world exists.  I’m living in that moment.  The here and now. My mind at peace.  This is how I meditate.  This is my “meditation in motion”.

Meditation in Motion

I know when I mention the word “meditate” or “meditation” we all think of sitting in a dark, quiet, room with candles with our eyes closed.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not going to quiet my mind and chances are it won’t quiet yours either.  If anything, that will have my mind thinking and racing even more.

When you engage in an activity that you enjoy, you immerse yourself in it. Your mind is focused on that 1 thing only. That activity can also include gardening, playing sports, singing, learning how to play an instrument.  These are all forms of meditation in motion.

Find your form of meditation.  Engage in that 1 thing that quiets your mind.  It will help you stay fit in mind, body and spirit 🙂


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