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Is The Alpha Male Extinct?


Listen to my FitTalk Interview with Rick Collins – Is The Alpha Male Extinct?

Alpha Male Challenge
co-author Rick Collins
Men, are you a true Alpha Male? Ladies, is your husband/boyfriend a true Alpha Male or, if you’re single, are you looking for an Alpha Male? Is the Alpha Male extinct?
What does this mean? In
America today, men are fatter, sicker, more stressed, and less rested than ever before. Too many men have slipped from “alpha” to “beta,” and average testosterone levels are dropping at an alarming rate. In other words, American men are losing their masculinity.

 Alpha Male Challenge and the Alpha Male Challenge E-Book is a revolutionary 10-week transformation program designed to not only rapidly build muscle and lose body fat, but to build a better man, inside and out. This is a straightforward instruction manual to build the kind of man these hard times demand: ruggedly powerful and supremely confident; traditionally manly but with modern enlightenment. Not just a guy whose muscles look heroic, but one who feels heroic.
I had the opportunity to talk with Rick Collins, co-author of The Alpha Male Challenge about what a True Alpha Male is and how you can BE a true Alpha Male.

Rick is a celebrated personality in the bodybuilding, fitness and nutritional supplements industry. He has degrees in psychology and law and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association).
He is monthly legal columnist for the internationally circulated Muscular Development magazine and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Muscle & Fitness magazine, is a principal in the New York law firm of Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C, and legal advisor to the International Federation of Body Builders and the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

I enjoyed reading the Alpha Male Challenge, as well as the Alpha Male Challenge E-Book and, as a self-proclaimed Alpha Female and Fitness Professional, I know that this book is written by guys, for guys, but I’ve got to admit, I just couldn’t help taking the Alpha Male Challenge as well as the Alpha Male Challenge Advanced workouts myself.
I’ve really enjoyed the workouts, got great results and I can honestly say this is probably one of my favorite workout programs and I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!!!.

There is some great information in this book that I can certainly use with the male clients I work with. The workouts in this book are clearly designed with men in mind, and anyone, any age can do the challenge. The book is meant to inspire people, men In particular, to improve themselves.

The title of chapter 1 is called “The Decline and Fall of Manliness”. According the the authors, James Villepigue, Eric Broser and Rick Collins, men have changed culturally over the years. Rick said on my show that guys are in a state of confusion as to masculine excellence is all about with the reign of the “metro-sexual”. The fundamental qualities of what make men “manly” were getting confused.

Not only are men losing their manliness sociologically, but physiologically as well. There was a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metaboliosm in January 2007 which provided evidence of a new physiological de-masculinization of the modern man. The study compared testosterone levels of three generations of men in the 80’s, 90’s and new decade and the news was quite troubling. Their study found that of the age-matched subjects, the men in the 80’s had higher average testosterone levels than the men of the 90’s, and the men of the new century have on average the LEAST testosterone of all. Simply put, testosterone levels are going down.

Testosterone is not just about your libido
Testosterone is a more than a hormone that makes men manly. Testosterone influences psychological factors such as mood, memory, libido, assertiveness and confidence. It also affects physiological factors such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar which means equates to body fat and obesity.

Sociologically, our male hero’s have evolved over the years. Back in the day, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum epitomized the true Alpha Male, The 80’s had Sylvester Stallone (Rambo) and Arnold Schwarzenegger as our action hero’s. Today, there really isn’t a truly “manly” American movie star and Johnny Depp certainly is not what I would call an Alpha Male.

According to Rick, there clearly is a cultural and physical downward spiral of manliness which inspired the writing of this book.

The authors developed a system for you to find out what your current Alpha Factor number is with the AlphaMale Scale™. At the end of the 10 weeks, you will revisit The AlphaMale Scale™ and discover that your Alpha number went up. You can quickly the express version of the AlphaMale Scale™ by visiting:
The Alpha Male Challenge is not just a diet and exercise program, but a plan, a blueprint, that has a psychological aspect to it to “bring manly back”.

Alpha Attitude
One of the key aspects to the Alpha Male Challenge is “Alpha Attitude”. It’s what makes a guy a hero. What makes him his best. What makes him a leader. Alpha Attitude are inner innate qualities that can be developed. The book covers the “4 C’s” – Confidence, Courage, Commitment and Conscience.

Alpha Archicture
The book has 27 workouts that are all different and should not keep you in the gym longer than an hour. The workouts are fun and challenging and designed for different fitness levels. The exercise can be done at home or in the gym. Alpha Architecture is the part of the book that provides you with what I call a true “game plan”, so that when you walk into the gym, you know exactly what your goals are making your workouts more efficient. The workouts designed in “Alpha Waves”. A specific result will be achieved in each wave such as increasing endurance, lean muscle, increased strength and explosive power. In each wave you are building up for the next wave and continuing to improve on the benefits of the previous wave.

Work Heart, Play Heart
Another part of building your Alpha Architecture is a program the writers created called Work Heart, Play Heart. This is a cardiovascular system that does not require endless hours on a treadmill. Instead, you earn points making simple beneficial choices such as taking the stairs over the elevator or parking at the far end of the parking lot rather than finding the closest parking spot to the door.

Alpha Fuel
Alpha Fuel covers the nutrition portion of the book and I can tell you that the foods aren’t weird and that no, you won’t be on a diet of rabbit food, tofu and soy. You are eating NORMAL food, however, you will be more conscious of the foods you eating consuming QUALITY calories that are nutrient rich. You will be eating less processed foods, more sources of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. The book also has some great recipes that are quick and easy to make.

To help further simplify things, there is the “Handshake Diet” taking all the guess work out of portion control by measuring a portion with the size of your hand and supplementing your diet with a whey protein shake which is a quick, easy, convenient way of ensuring you’re getting your daily protein intake which is essential for building lean, healthy, fat burning, muscle.
The Alpha Male Challenge is a call to action for men. It is designed men to become healthier, fitter and just, better.


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