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How Toxic Are The Foods We Eat?

Dr. Scott Perlman

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Body Toxins was the main topic of discussion with my guest, Dr. Scott Perlman on my weekly radio show, Fit Talk With ShariFitness. Dr. Perlman (aka Dr. Scott) is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Alternative Medicine specializing in nutrition and energy balancing techniques, along with homeopathic, organic Vitamins, Minerals and Supplementation. Dr. Scott believes it is more than one entity for total health and wellness. He calls it “The Pie of Life”.

Dr. Scott and I subscribe to the same philosophy:
The Body Works a Whole Lot Better Without all The Chemicals. What exactly does that mean? Many categories of illness are created from chemicals or drugs which creates toxins to build in the body. Toxins, by the way, are poisons. It is these toxins that are responsible for many of the health problems you may be having right now.

Americans are consuming a lot of chemicals with al the processed foods which make up the typical American diet, which I refer to as “The Toxic Diet” from all the toxic foods we eat which includes fast foods, soft drinks, frozen dinners, junk snacks such as chips, and the effects is has on the human body. After all, the human body was not designed to digest chemical additives and preservatives that are found in most foods.

The chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis create free radicals which scavenge on healthy cells. The cells die in the blood and you become a big toxic cell.

Dr. Scott talked about some of the health problems associated with the overload of chemicals and preservatives we are exposed to in the foods we eat such as Thyroid, Prostate issues for men, Ovaries with women such as cysts on fallopian tubes, bowel disorders, chronic fatigue, depression amongst several other illnesses. Essentially, disorders have become “common” and don’t need to be.

According to Dr. Scott, 50% of the mood swings and hot flashes that women experience are due to water retention which causes kidney malfunction. The biggest culprits of water retention issues stem from restaurant foods, fast foods, canned foods, frozen foods, convenience foods and snacks which all contain high levels of sodium. Sodium causes water retention. Couple that with the fact that most people don’t drink enough water and you have a recipe for disaster. This led to our discussion of water and the importance of water in your diet.

Another topic we talked about on the show was Colonics/Cleanses. What they are and the pros/cons of them.
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To learn more about this topic, Dr. Perlman recommends the following books:

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