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How to lose those last 10 pounds

Click here to listen to my interview with Tosca —> Get Stripped with Tosca Reno and Shari


Are you in absolute utter frustration trying to lose those last 10 pounds?  Best selling author and fitness expert, Tosca Reno and I share with you the tips and tricks the top fitness models use to peel off those last 10 pound.

Tosca and I reveal how you can have an amazing body, optimal health and energy over  the age of 40.

In Tosca’s newest book Stripped: Peel Off Those Last 10 Pounds! she provides you with everything you need to know about how to bust through the plateau we’ve all experienced that keeps us from losing those last few pounds along with meal plans, training, detox solutions, and much more!!!

Think You’re Too Old?  Think Again!
If you think you can’t be in the best shape of your life in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond, think again.  Tosca Reno and I are here to prove you wrong. At the age of 52, Tosca Reno is in peak physical condition and continues to train not only for physique competitions, but also for endurance events. 

Many people will use age as and hormones as an excuse as to why they can’t lose 10 pounds, look better and feel better.  Simply put, Tosca and I are living proof that’s a bunch of hooey!  Truth be told, most people will use ANY excuse they can come up with as to why they can’t lose weight, eat right or exercise.  Barring medical issues, most people just don’t do what they know they should be doing and don’t make eating clean, nutritious foods and exercising on a regular basis a lifestyle. 

Tosca and I shared our insider tips on transforming our bodies at the age of 40 and how we continue to transform and be our best into our late 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

The “Mirror Moment”.  Have you had yours?
I asked Tosca what was her lighting rod that made her take those action steps to do lose the weight, feel better and get her life back.  Tosca’s moment when she knew she needed to make changes is what she calls her “mirror moment”.  It’s that moment when you become unrecognizable to yourself which I can certainly relate to, because it was the same experience I had.

Tosca talked about a photo she had taken with herself and her daughter.  She said she looked like a “blob”, felt purposeless and dead.  She got sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling this way.  She knew she needed to make changes not only for herself, but for her children, so that she can be there to enjoy those “moments” as they get older and be a part of those moments.

Why Eat Clean Stripped?  What’s so different about this one?
Tosca’s newest book, The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped , is different from her previous books.  For most people, once they’ve had their initial weight loss, they tend to hit a plateau, the body becomes weight loss resistant,and losing those last 10 pounds is the hardest. 

Tosca teaches you how to jolt the body and your metabolism.  Essentially, you are still eating clean, but at a much tighter level.  In The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped , Tosca provides new tips and tricks about how to handle food cravings, new exercise routines, great smoothies that will help blast away the fat, detox tips and even talks about what water you should drink.

Why do people struggle to lose those last 10 pound?
The reason most people struggle to lose those last 10 pounds and hit a plateau is your body’s way of telling you you’ve hit a rut and you need to switch things up.  You need to be aware of those clues your body is giving you that it’s time for a change.  In The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped, Tosca gives you all the tips and tricks —those changes you need to make to help get your body out that rut and on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

Flexing at 49 and beyond
At the age of 47, I have discovered that the tricks that worked for me up to the age of 45, aren’t working for me now and I’m sure many men and women are experiencing the same frustration.  I asked Tosca what changes she made at the age of 49 top prepare for competition.  Tosca  also admits that what she did at the age of 45 didn’t have the same impact as it did at age 49.

One of her biggest changes (which happens to mine as well) Tosca had to make was her intake of grains.  In the past, she didn’t have issues eating whole grain, whole grain bread and even oatmeal.  She realized that she had to become more careful about the quantity and the type of grains she was eating.  Grains (brown rice, oatmeal, wheat, spelt, buckwheat) are a big problem for a lot of people, including me.  Many people are gluten intolerant are don’t even know it.  Mind you, being gluten-intolerant is not the same as having Celiac Disease.

As you hit your mid 40’s and beyond, your hormones are more in flux.  One of the key nutrients many people don’t consume enough of are healthy fats.  Many people don’t consume enough fats because we have been misled to believe that fats are bad for you.   Fats are essential to our diet and help keep our hormones in check, make us lean, helps keep the skin from becoming dry, and not getting enough fat can be a danger.  With this in mind, Tosca increased her intake of healthy fats from foods such as egg yolks and coconut oil. 

10 pound take away “nugget”
Before closing out the show with Tosca, I asked her to give my listeners and readers a golden nugget take away tip towards losing those last 10 pounds.  Tosca talked about how we both transformed our bodies late in life.  Like most people, she was looking for guidance not knowing how to make the revolution begin and make the transformation.  Like everyone else, she made the mistakes and fumbled along.

Once she changed her diet and started eating clean, the transformation was dramatic.  It all started from a series of simple changes anyone can make such as changing out breakfast cereal for oatmeal, peanut butter for egg whites, eating more greens and eating 6 meals a day.

Each of us have the ability to affect the same healthy potent change in our bodies simply by eating cleaner and nourishing our bodies with clean foods, we can have a leaner, happier, healthy physique.


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  2. By Bonnie Sayers | Reply

    Thanks ladies – I am 51 and still working on getting my bodyfat lower than 21% and see my abs.

    Follow you both on FB and twitter and have several books.

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