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Holiday Food Survival Tips


The holiday season is upon us once again.  Do you find yourself committing Holiday Food gluttony every year? Will you find yourself in a Holiday food coma?

No doubt, this is the time of year to eat, drink and be merry. Is it possible to enjoy the holidays and not go into food gluttony?

With that, I bring you my ShariFitness Holiday Food Survival Tips.

Holiday Food Survival Tip #1. Exercise to burn excess calories. The reason why most of us gain weight this time of year is that we are consuming more calories than we are burning. Overindulging will not only increase your weight, but will also zap your energy levels leaving you lethargic and sluggish. Exercise will not only help you feel better physically and mentally, but it will also make you feel more energetic.  Visit my You Tube channel for exercise demos and diet tips

Holiday Food Survival Tip #2 – Drinking lots of water throughout the day is something you should be doing year round, however, it’s actually during the fall and winter months we tend to not drink enough water and are more prone to dehydration.  Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day every day to help flush excess sodium in holiday foods. Many of the foods you eat either in restaurants or parties are going to be loaded with sodium. Excess sodium makes your body retain water like a sponge, which makes you feel bloated. Try to avoid high sodium foods and drink water throughout the day and night.  One way to be more aware of your water intake is to carry around a 1.5 liter bottle of water so you can get a visual of exactly how much water you are drinking.

Holiday Food Survival Tip #3– Do not skip breakfast. People skip breakfast and other meals to help “make room” for the upcoming feast or with the thought process that if they cut back the calories in skipped meals, that they won’t be consuming as many calories at their holiday event. Wrong. The opposite ends up happening. You end up consuming more calories during the 1 big meal. By the time you get to your holiday event, you are so hungry and the aroma of food becomes so overwhelming that you end up eating more.

Holiday Food Survival Tip #4 – Have a healthy snack such as protein shake, yogurt or salad 1 hour prior to your holiday party or dinner. You won’t be as hungry and won’t over indulge.

Holiday Food Survival Tip #5 – Use a smaller plate and pile on the veggies and protein and less of the bread and starchy carbohydrates. If you use a smaller plate and fill 1/2 your plate with vegetables and lean protein, you will have less room on your plate for the “bad stuff” and will be consuming fewer calories.

Holiday Food Survival Tip #6– Don’t deprive yourself, however, limit your intake of sweets.  For example, have one cookie or a sliver of cake/pie. One thing I do is I will have a “taste” of some of the desserts. I will choose 3 desserts and take a tablespoon size portion of my 3 choices allowing me to “taste” without actually eating 3 desserts.

Holiday Food Survival Tip #7– Walk away from the dinner and buffet table once you have finished eating to avoid unnecessary, excessive snacking. Even though you’ve eaten a full meal, by hanging around the dinner table or buffet table, we tend to keep on eating, simply because the food is there. If you are having a conversation with someone, suggest to that person that you continue the conversation in another room.

I hope these tips help you survive the holiday season with minimal waist line damage.

Wishing you good health this holiday season,


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  1. 6 Comment(s)

  2. By Michael Lindsay | Reply

    Great advice Shari! I particularly like #4. I can have a vi-shake with as little as 125 calories that will really reduce the amount of room left in your stomach! LOL! I guess you could still overeat but you’d be REAL uncomfortable. All your advice is great though. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. By Sheri | Reply

    This is perfect for year round healthy eating solutions!

  4. By Bill Eppright | Reply

    Thanks for the suggestions, Shari.
    I think I’ll try them on November 30th, December 3rd, January 15th, and most all days.
    Will that make them part of my positive lifestyle? 🙂

  5. By sharifitness | Reply

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, I do believe that these tips will be perfect for you on November 30th, December 3rd, and January 15th 😉

    If you thought you couldn’t have a more positive lifestyle, I think that would seal the deal for you 😀

  6. By sharifitness | Reply

    Thanks for the comment, Sheri. These tips certainly do apply year round, particularly when attending special events evolve around food 🙂

  7. By sharifitness | Reply

    Nothing like a rich, thick, creamy protein shake before a big feast to help prevent being more stuffed than the turkey.

    Glad you liked my suggestions! Happy holiday to you!! 🙂

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