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Health Insurance Companies Bank on Fast Food


What do health insurance companies and fast food chains have in common?  Well, they certainly don’t care about your health.  A study from the American Journal of Public Health,  found that nearly $2 billion has been invested by insurers such as Prudential Financial, Northwest Mutual and Massachusetts Mutual–who are among the life, health and disability insurers –in fast food companies such as McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Burger King.

Life and health insurance firms supposedly support health and wellness, however, their investments in fast food chains say otherwise.  It’s no secret that consumption of fast food is linked to several health problems associated with obesity such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.  Safeguarding people’s health is taking a back seat to making money.

According to J. Wesley Boyd, MD, PhD and Danny McCormick, MD, MPH,  ” The insurance industry does all it can to be as profitable as possible. As physicians working in a public hospital, we have seen firsthand the ways in which the industry seeks maximum profitability by rejecting legitimate medical claims, terminating insurance coverage when illness strikes, and cherry picking healthy individuals to enroll (who cost them less than sick enrollees). And, as we now know, they will invest in fast food and tobacco (something we’ve previously researched), if doing so generates profit.”

Insurance companies are investing in industries that make people sick and die and also charge higher premiums for patients with conditions caused by their fast food habit, such as obesity, diabetes, or coronary artery disease. They also profit off patrons who avoid fast food and stay healthy, because these folks require fewer payouts for health care or a later life insurance payout because they live longer.

Plain and simple, big pharma, the food industry and the health insurance industry don’t want you to be healthy.  They are all banking sickness, not wellness.

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