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Are You Exercising or Are You Training?

We all know exercise is important.  Exercise helps the body burn calories.  The human body was designed to be in motion, and when it is not in motion, you know what the consequences are.  Fitness is also a mindset.  When you enter the gym, ask yourself, are you EXERCISING or are you TRAINING to have a more physically fit, healthy body?

More often than not, I see people in the gym, EXERCISING.  They’re just there.  There’s no focus, no INTENSITY, they’re just “going through the motions”.  A great example of that are people you see on cardio machines that are reading.  Their bodies are moving, but they’re not breaking a sweat & their heart rate isn’t up.  Then there are those who spend more time socializing than they do working out and will be in the gym 2-3 hours and have accomplished nothing.

Then there are the people I see who are TRAINING. They’re focused, grunting, sweaty, intense. They’re in THE ZONE. They certainly aren’t “going thru the motions”. If your training is uninspired, if you feel you may be “exercising,” I strongly urge you to engage in a training regimen that meets the criteria for an effective “training” program. Odds are in your favor that you will not succumb to just “exercising.”

In the journey to your absolute best body, you must make a decision to abandon exercise and take on the serious challenge of training. With a commitment to training, your ability to remain mentally focused and the intensity of your physical presence will be evident not only in the gym but in all facets of your LIFE.

I recently had the honor to experience a TRAINING session with Rick Collins. co-author of the best selling e- book, Alpha Male Challenge Advanced Workouts and his training buddies at the world famous, Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym.  Rick and his friends are all feeding off of each other’s energy and each one of them is motivated and inspired to put forth their best efforts with ever rep of every set making the most of their workout  and not  about how much weight they were lifting or who could lift the heaviest.

Check out this video of Rick Collins to see True Alpha Training at it’s finest if you really want to see someone who is not exercising, but training.

This is me in the gym with Rick getting my workout on.

The next time you’re in the gym, ask yourself, are you exercising or are you Training?

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