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Embrace Your Suck

Embrace Your Suck copy
There are things I suck at and let’s face it, doing things we suck at isn’t much fun, simply because it does suck.   There’s no joy in doing things that suck and chances are, if something sucks, you’ll hold off doing it as long as possible, or if you do tackle your suck, you’ll take longer to get through it simply because…. well…. it sucks to do it.

I HATE cardio, all kinds of cardio simply because it sucks, and not only don’t I like it, neither does my ego.  So I don’t really do any, although I know I should.  However, I LOVE lifting weights simply because I’m good at it, it makes me feel strong and powerful, and my ego likes it as well.

The fact that I HATE doing cardio of any kind exposes a weakness in me.  In this case, a physical weakness and deep down, that physical weakness tells me I’m not as physically fit as I could be or should be, and rather than own up to it, I just avoid it.

With regard to my business and my marketing efforts, I have no problems writing email copy and article content, however, when it comes to writing sales copy (aka copy writing), in my opinion, I suck at it.  So when I do attempt to write sales copy, it takes me forever.   

Embracing my suck
If you want to get better and improve your areas of weakness…. you know, the thing that sucks, you’ve got to embrace the suck.  This week I’ve decided to embrace my suck head on!

The other day, I decided to challenge myself with the 1 exercise I HATE the most.   The 1 exercise I HATE doing the most simply because they suck and kick my ass… Burpees.

By embracing my suck with doing Burpees and sticking with my challenge, over time, doing Burpees will get easier and I will have a leaner, more physically fit body, and doing them won’t suck anymore.

I’ve also decided to embrace my suck with copy writing.  Oh how I wish writing Sales Copy was as easy for me as writing email copy and article content, but I will admit, my copy writing skills while not the best, are getting better.

This week I am writing sales copy for two of my websites.  In order to effectively market my brand and my business, writing sales copy is a necessary evil.   There’s an art to writing effective sales copy, a skill I have yet to master and struggle with.   

When I write article content or email copy, the words just flow so effortlessly from my brain, to my fingers on the keyboard.  Copywriting…… not so much, so for me, it sucks.  And like my suck with Burpees, I’m embracing my suck with copy writing, putting on my big girl pants, and hammering away at it.

Here’s why you should embrace your suck
Like anything else you may be struggling with (aka, your suck)…. such as weight loss for example, what may seem difficult at first does get better in time if you stick with it and don’t give up.

When your mind tells you this sucks and to stop, you push past it. When you push past your suck, you achieve greatness….. in this case, a leaner, more physically fit, physique doing 100 Burpees a day, and pushing my mind to keep hammering away at copy writing. Pushing past my suck with writing sales copy means getting better at writing better sales copy which in turn means making more sales which means, making mo money, and serving more people to achieve their ultimate dream body, improve their health and feel more energetic.  I call that a win-win.

Yes, there is a lesson to be learned about embracing your suck, challenging yourself and getting better at things you suck at.

What do you suck at?  Make today the day you embrace your suck.


Shari Fitness
Creator – FitTalkNews
Author – TransformationOver40

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  1. 4 Comment(s)

  2. By Cheryl | Reply

    My suck? The elliptical. My coordination goes down the toilet every time I get on one. Last time I was on one, I had to adjust the volume on my iPod to drown out the heavy metal hair band music pounding from the speakers in the gym and I about fell off.

    Yeah. Total suck.

  3. By sharifitness | Reply

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for your comment and sharing your suck.

    Yup, the elliptical is a definite suck! When you do it, give yourself a goal (i.e, time and or intensity) and stick to it no matter what. Don’t let your suck beat you down. Conquer it…. Embrace The Suck!!

    Be sure to share this article with your friends and family.

  4. By Cheryl | Reply

    I am trying to work up to five minutes on the beastly thing without stopping. It’s kind of an awkward movement (I never did ski) so I get bored pretty fast and head for a stationary bike. Now THAT I can do!

    That is my goal, five minutes without falling off, getting my headphones wrapped around a handle and learning to drink from my water bottle without stopping. I can do it!

  5. By sharifitness | Reply

    Way to go Cheryl!! Yes, you CAN do it!!!

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