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Bob Doyle on Your Health, Fitness & The Law of Attraction

Your Health, Fitness and the Law of Attraction

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Bob Doyle
Creator & Facilitator of the
Wealth Beyond Reason Program
Featured Teacher in the Movie “The Secret”

People are under a lot of stress these days and are not sleeping well, they are smoking and drinking more, eating more, and exercising less. They feel as if life is spiraling out of control.

The world is a crazy place and we are all being inundated with negativity these days through the media. Every day all you hear about is the economic crisis, job layoffs, government bailouts of huge corporations, rising gas prices, and home foreclosures. Perhaps you may or may not be one of the hundreds of thousands of people affected by these events. The news and the current times are scary, depressing and stressful and these events can put you as an individual into a negative vibration where you will be attracting negativity into your life.

I interviewed Mr. Bob Doyle, who is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason Program. The Wealth Beyond Reason program is an in-depth, on line curriculum of the Law of Attraction. His work gained the attention of the producer’s of the movie “The Secret” which has touched millions of lives around the world, and continues to do so with it’s message of the Law of Attraction.

Bob is a veteran broadcaster, and had also spent some time in the fitness industry, but is better known for his real passion, the Law of Attraction, and helping people to realize its full potential in their lives, no matter what their starting point or current beliefs may be. I spoke to Bob about the Laws of Attraction and how it comes into play with health, fitness and wellness.

For those who have never heard of the movie “The Secret” and are not aware of what The Laws of Attraction are, I asked Bob to give an explanation of what it is. “The Law of Attraction explains how energy works. We are energy made up of atoms and electrons that are in the Universe and there are certain rules that energy follow and energy follows the Law of Attraction. Energy vibrates at a certain frequency and we as humans are vibrating at a frequency. When we are in resonance with another vibration, we attract it. With regard to the study of the Law of Attraction, it’s all about how we get into vibrational resonance with the things we want such as money, cars, health, fitness, relationships, careers, etc. Essentially, we are attracting all aspects of our life and that includes health and fitness.”

You really need to get “clear” and let go of all limiting beliefs which causes resistance. Your Temple, the precious human body, and it’s health, fitness and wellness is at the core or center of getting clear within yourself of what your passion and or purpose is. If your health, fitness and wellness are not up to par, it becomes difficult to get “clear” of what it is you want and attract the things you want.Poor health or self image makes it hard to feel positive about things because you feel so bad physically and emotionally. If you are lethargic all the time, feeling unmotivated or unproductive because your energy levels are low, it makes it hard to focus and concentrate on the things you really want. If you look at yourself in the mirror and are not happy with the image you see, it affects your self-confidence making you feel you are unworthy of things. Your mind is cluttered with negativity.

Exercise releases “endorphins” which is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for putting you in a positive mood. It’s almost as if you’ve taken a “happy” pill. Another chemical that is released from exercise is Serotonin which helps combat depression.

Shifting your mindset
One of the keys to weight loss is your mindset. If you use the concept of the Laws of Attraction and shift your vibration, you will have much better weight loss success. Remember, mind and body connect. If you can see it in your mind and feel it emotionally, you will BE the person you want to be.

According to Bob, “This is where we get into the visualization mindset of the Laws of Attraction. If you visualize yourself as a healthy, fit, person, you WILL BECOME that person. If you stay stuck in the mindset and see yourself as a fat person who will never be thin, “this is the way I am, this is the way it has been and this is the way it will always be”, then that’s the way you will be. “When you have that mindset and you have that thought process over and over again, it can transcend whatever action you take, and according to the Law of Attraction, that is what you are going to attract more of. Even if you go to the gym every day and improve your diet and keep telling yourself “I don’t deserve to be thin, fit. I’m fat, blah, blah, blah, that is going to be your reality because you are RESISTING a fit, tone, healthy, body. You can’t get into vibrational resonance with health if your inner conversation with yourself is “It’s too hard, I don’t deserve it, etc.” When you change your inner conversation, you’ll logically start marking different choices and migrate to better foods and want to exercise more.”

The foods you eat can impact the way you feel. Foods that are processed and are high in sodium and fats can make you feel sluggish and bloated or can cause heartburn or indigestion in some cases turning us into “couch potatoes”. When you start to feel bad physically, in turn, you feel bad emotionally and mentally, which again, does not put you in a positive frequency. There are simple things you can do such as reaching for an apple instead of chips.

Getting started isn’t easy, but once you get started, you’ll start to feel better. You’re not going to see results overnight, but mentally you will start to feel better and if you are feeling better mentally, that will put you in a positive vibration. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. The simple act of getting outside and walking or running is a good starting point or doing simple bodyweight exercises that require no equipment. I know when I’m exercising, it’s almost like a form of meditation for me and I start getting inspired thought which gets me clear and focused on what I want.

When you start feeling better physically and emotionally, you start to feel better mentally. You are more confident, happy, energetic, and people are drawn to that “feel good” energy. You are able to get “clear” of the things you really want making it easier to attract the things you want through the people you interact with and take inspired action. Aaahhhh, inspired action. How refreshing. Actually doing something about what you want as opposed to just talking about it. Not living your life as a “what if”. And it all started with something as simple as taking care of YOUR Temple, your precious human body.

Here are some links and information about Bob Doyle, The Law of Attraction, and some of the programs and products he offers.

The Boundless Living Challenge is one of the biggest success stories, changing more lives in a concentrated time than any other undertaking – and it’s FREE to participate in!!!! Click here to view the video about it.

To learn more about the infamous Wealth Beyond Reason program, click here to view the video about it.

There are so many Law of Attraction DVD’s out there. I really like Bob’s. It’s so honest and raw. Bob talks about his family, his experiences and his life and how using the Law of Attraction changed his life and how it can change yours.

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