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Are You Pushing Outside of Your Training Comfort Zone

Taking on Steven and Bonnie Pfiester’s BCX on Line Boot Camp training program, made me realize something about myself.  Like many other people who work out, I’m not pushing myself out of my “Training Comfort Zone”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to work out and I thought I was working out hard….. after all, I’m the one in the gym proudly flying the grunt flag and training more intensely than most of my fellow gym goers.

Me, myself, my ego
Turns out, I am guilty of working out my ego.  There’s nothing me and my ego loves more than lifting weights and seeing how much I can safely lift without a spotter.

Me and my ego also like doing plyometric exercises.  Love doing these quick bursts of athletic exercises which give you way more bang for your buck than wasting valuable time on a hamster wheel.

What me and my ego don’t like are exercises that challenge my stamina and endurance which I have been avoiding for years.  Oh sure I’m fit and healthy and look great for a woman my age (47 years young), but am I really as fit as I could be or should be?

Today I was working on another article, writing about Week 2 / Day 3 of the BCX Challenge.  As I was working on this article, I began to reflect on the “I hate cardio” mindset I’ve always had.  I knew that my stamina and endurance suffered because of it and even though I am “fit”, I realized that I’m definitely not as “fit” as I could or should be.  .   I really need to break out of that I hate cardio mindset.  It’s negative and negativity isn’t good.

So I guess you can say I am publicly calling myself out
There are a few factors that have given me the wake up call that I have not been pushing myself as hard as I could or should be thanks to taking part in the BCx Challenge.  With this program, I’m training 6 days a week instead of 4. With this plan, I’m having to focus much more on stamina and endurance rather than strength and building muscle.

BCx workouts vs. my workouts
At the end of each BCx workout I am drenched in sweat.  Normally, when I do my work outs, I don’t sweat.  Sure I get warm, but I don’t sweat.  And I know I’ve worked out, challenged myself and tore down muscle because I feel it the next day.  My workout and training style is different from BCx.

I’m not saying that one workout is better than the other.  They’re different.  However, my body is much more conditioned towards my workouts and therefore, with the BCx workouts, I’m challenged in a different way and so I am working harder.

Just like those who are not conditioned towards my workouts will feel challenged and work hard.

The point is coming to the realization that you have conditioned yourself to a certain level and once you’ve mastered something, it’s time to challenge yourself in a whole new way.  You see, the body, the brain and the ego like to be in a state of homeostasis and when that happens, you get into a “Comfort Zone” and “maintain the status quo”.

Support, Motivation, Accountability
Within the BCx program are the people who are doing it on line with you.  Reading their posts and their tweets, these people are really pushing it.  No doubt, these workouts are kicking everybody’s arse.

Within this program, while everyone is incredible, there is one person who’se giving it everything.  Who is not only doing this workout, but another grueling working on top of it.  This individual reminds me of the person I was.  The person making that transformation.

I’ve asked myself this question, am I pushing myself or have I been pushing myself as hard as this person is?  I gotta be honest and say no.  So now that I recognize this within myself, I gotta ask myself, what am I going to do about it?  For the remainder of this challenge, on the physical side of it, I will continue to do better each week with each challenge and that means pushing through the burn, not allow those #$*! Burpees to beat me down and, keep improving on my mile run.

On the mental side, I have got get past the “I Hate Cardio” mentality.  That more than anything is what is holding me back and causing self-sabotage.

There are many people who love nothing more than doing killer cardio sessions, but don’t like to lift weights. Many people who train for marathons, tri-athalons don’t enjoy strength training even though they know it’s good for their training program.  Are these people working giving it their all when they train?  You bet they do.  But are they pushing outside their training comfort zone?  Probably not when it comes to strength training.

Point is, same holds true for me when it comes to the cardio side of training.

Life after the BCx Challenge
So what happens at the end of 30 days when I’m done with this challenge?  Obviously my stamina and endurance will be better and I can’t just let that fall by the way side.  When it comes to fitness, the saying “Use it or Lose It” definitely applies.

Chances are, I will create a new workout program.  One that incorporates BCx  style circuits along with strength training, conditioning and core modalities that I have been using in my programs.

Time to be honest with yourself
Are you pushing yourself outside of your Training Comfort Zone?  Are you favoring cardio over strength training, strength training over cardio?  Is there one body part you avoid working on?  Are you favoring upper body exercises over core and legs?

To help push yourself, take on these exercises you avoid as a challenge or get someone to hold you accountable so that you don’t blow it off.  If not a friend, then hire a training coach who can help you push out of that comfort zone.

Once you take it on and make it happen, not only will you see the results in the mirror, you’ll feel better mentally and physically too.

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  1. 4 Comment(s)

  2. By Bonnie Pfiester | Reply

    AWESOME BLOG!! ….and I TOO can relate. I was the same way. BCx helps get me out of my own comfort zone and push my body further than I would push myself. I will never be satisfied with 3 sets of 15 boring isolated exercises when you can train the same muscle while challenging my core and conditioning my heart and lungs.

    I also under the ego issue. I too am normally lifting much heavier than most girls, HOWEVER, when you I BCx I have to drop down my weight in order to do the number of reps required (ego buster). Now I’m more concerned about my workouts than how I LOOK doing my workout. ha!

    The new trend in the industry is to not just look fit, but to BE FIT. 🙂
    Thanks SO much for sharing your feelings and being transparent! It’s awesome, honest, encouraging and refreshing!


  3. By sharifitness | Reply

    Thank you so much for adding your comment and feedback. It’s great to know that you can relate to this especially coming from one fitness professional to another. Our job is to push others outside their training comfort zone, but essentially, as fitness professionals, its up to us to perform the same job on ourselves, which, is something that can easily be overlooked.

    I love that change in the new industry trend…. not just to look fit, but to actually BE fit… or as my Alpha Male friends like to say…. don’t be all show and no go.

    Also, as a fitness professionals and role models, I think it is important to be as honest and transparent as possible. People need to know that we too work hard mentally as well as physically to push ourselves and be the best we can be. I think being honest and transparent helps encourage and motivate others as well. Many people think that it all comes so easy for us, that we’re perfect and that we couldn’t possibly understand or relate to their struggles, when truth be told, you and I both know that is not the case.

    Bonnie, I have to thank you for bringing your challenge and program to my attention. Without it, I would have not come to this realization and be able to share that with others and help spread not only my message, but yours as well 🙂


  4. By Susan Greene | Reply

    What an inspiring post, Shari, and so much of what you said applies not just to fitness but to life. Gotta get out of your comfort zone, push yourself to try new things, difficult things. Good advice. Thanks.

  5. By sharifitness | Reply

    Thank you so much for the comment and feedback. Glad you liked the article and yes, you are absolutely right, this does apply not just to fitness, but to life 🙂


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