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Are you a grunt?

I’m in the gym doing my workout.  I’m lifting fairly heavy weights, and really giving it everything I got with every rep of every set.  I can hear myself breathing.  Taking a nice deep breath and exhaling on the exertion and interspersed with this are grunts.  Yes, I grunt.  No, not LOUD dramatic grunts.

(I posed the question, “Are you a grunter?to my Facebook followers and got some great comments you can check out)

As I’m hearing myself, it got me thinking.  If I’m giving it everything I got during my workout, I can’t help but let out a few grunts here and there.  I’m also very focused on pushing the weight with correct form and really feeling my muscles work.

Do I grunt for attention?  No.  I’m in the moment.  My own self-absorbed competition.

Are there loud grunters who do it for attention?  Over the years I’ve heard some loud grunters  who sound like they’re in agony and others that sound like they in the  throws of passion , but I think those type of grunters are few and far between.

I became a bit self-conscious of my own grunts simply because I never really hear anyone else grunting.  I encourage my clients to grunt, but they never do.  I want them to grunt.  It’s not that they’re not working hard, but I just feel that a few grunts here and there add to the effort and intensity and lets me “hear” that they are giving it everything they got.

For me, personally, I’ve noticed a difference between my grunting and non-grunting workouts.  My grunting workouts are definitely more intense and focused.  When I grunt, I know I’m having a great workout, working hard, having fun and challenging myself.

There are some gyms that display “no grunting” signs.  Really?  Seriously?  Should someone be kicked out of the gym for grunting?  What about those who are singing along to their iPods?  Should they be kicked out of the gym?

I feel there are far more serious offenses in the gym than your gym grunter,  but that’s for another article.

Here’s a video I found about a man who was kicked out of a gym for grunting.  What are your feelings on this topic?  Would love to hear your comments.

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  2. By john | Reply

    That’s str8 stupid! I say, all real fitness folks should boycott all gyms with a grunting policy! This ain’t a library! It’s a gym! If you feel intimidated, go to a yoga or tai chi studio! If you want to, lift, run or do plyo, you gonna grunt!

  3. By sharifitness | Reply

    John, I also think it’s ridiculous! Personally, I think people should get booted out of the gym for not un-racking the weights and leaving the benches all full of sweat.

  4. By Kimberly Bohannon | Reply

    G-R-U-N-T!! But it has to be real. I think it’s really hard for muscle-heads to come across as authentic by some… just don’t make it so loud that the whole gym stops to see… “Who the hell was that!” Just sayin’ =)

  5. By sharifitness | Reply

    The people who grunt for attention are few and far between, however, if the average gym goer were to let out a few grunts during the course of their workout, I bet it would elevate the intensity of the workout.

    Also, some of the loud grunters who are out there aren’t necessarily “muscle-heads” …. Just sayin’ =)

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