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Sculpt Your Back with Rear Delt DB Fly's

Sculpt Your Back with Rear Delt DB Fly’s

ShareLet’s face it, muscle is sexy and muscle is what gives the body shape.  Whether your male or female, there’s nothing sexier than a sculpted back.  One of my favorite exercises for the back are bent over, rear delt dumbbell flys.  The rear delts are located near your shoulder blades.  This exercise is also great […]

How to do a Basic Push Up

How to do a Basic Push Up

ShareOne of the most basic bodyweight exercises is the pushup and it’s one of my favorites.  Even though this is one of the most basic exercises, I see many people performing it incorrectly; not just women, but men as well. While it does work the upper body, the real secret to performing this exercise correctly […]

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