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#1 nutrient for fat burning is…

#1 Nutrient for Burning Fat Is…..

Guest Blogger:  Joel Marion

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Did you know that countless research papers have concluded that of any nutrient, carbohydrates are capable of having the greatest net effect on your fat burning hormones?

It’s true.

You see, when you go on a diet, levels of your body’s #1 fat burning hormone, leptin, drop off as a starvation protection mechanism. In fact, levels of this hormone can drop by as much as 50% after just 7 days. That puts you at just 50% of your fat burning potential after just one week of moderate dieting!

To counteract this, try this trick from my good friend Joel Marion that he calls “Reverse Carbohydrate Tapering”.

Here’s how to use it:

At the beginning of each week, add a small amount of additional carbohydrates—like 10 to 20 grams—to your diet each day until the start of the next week. At that point, drop your carbohydrate intake back down and repeat the process.

This “reverse carbohydrate tapering” technique will assist with preventing leptin levels from falling off too rapidly, helping to keep your body in fat-burning mode all week long.

Now, this is just one of FOUR powerful fat-burning tips that Joel is GIVING AWAY this week in his brand new 31-page report, 17 CHEAT Foods That Burn Fat.

And as the title suggests, you’ll also learn about SEVENTEEN powerful cheat foods that can actually accelerate your fat loss…you’ll be VERY surprised when you see exactly which foods these are, and how each one will help you shed that stubborn belly bulge.

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==> 17 CHEAT Foods That Burn Belly Fat FAST (Full List Inside)

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